The folk & world music gala

Folk & Världsmusikgalan (The Folk and World Music Gala) is a collaboration project between several institutions and organisations in the folk and world music field in Sweden.

The intention is to raise the interest and status of folk and world music and help musicians with marketing and promotion both in Sweden and abroad. Sweden is a rich country musically and the gala want to emphasise the high quality and increased professionalism of folk and world music in Sweden of today.

The gala concert is broadcasted live on Swedish national radio.

The first gala was arranged in Stockholm in April 2010 and was a big success. A sold out concert hall and happy artists and winners. The second gala was arranged in Gothenburg 2011 and attracted 1100 listeners. The second gala also organized seminars, exhibitions, lunch concerts etc that made the gala a meeting place for artists, agents, organisations and institutions within the genre. The third gala was organised in Malmo in March 2012 and presented Open Folk, a three day long event that did include seminars, debates, a big exhibition area and several more concert venues.

The 4th gala was arranged in Gavle in April  2013. With two big concerts plus the sold out gala, a number of showcases and mid-day concerts, around 30 seminars/workshop and a large number of activities for young dancers and musicians this was the biggest gala event so far.

The fifht gala took place in the northern city of Umeå February 19-23 2014. This time the gala focused on four themes: minorities in the north – equality – Europe – storytelling in music. There was also a huge seminar program and also an exhibition.The gala was organised in close collaboration with the big folk music festival in Umeå, Umefolk, that took over the party when the gala concert ended Friday night.

In 2015 the gala returned to Stockholm with a sold out gala concert at the prestigious Berwald Hall on March 14. A large seminar and workshop program was held the same day. The exhibition attracted more than 30 stands. The day before the gala concert was dedicated to music for and by children and youth with school concerts and seminars at Musikaliska. There was also a very big program of concerts during the whole gala week in the Stockholm region.

The 7th gala took place in the Västerås Concert Hall on April 2 2016. Four days of exhibitions, seminars, concerts and two days of nordic showcasing during this big manifestation of folk and world music. The concert hall was sold out, the Nordic Showcase involving 12 bands/artist from all of Scandinavia, attracted both fans and festival and tour organizers from all over Europe. There was also a record big seminar program including a collaboration with Unesco on human rights and cultural heritage.

The 8th gala will take place in the Helsingborg Concert Hall on March 18 2017. There will be a second Nordic Showcase, at Dunker´s on March 16-17 plus seminars, more concerts, workshops and activities downtown March 11-18.

The gala selects winners in 7-9 categories – Best Group, Best Artist, Best Newcomer, Best Concert organizer, Best Show for Children & Youth, Best CD/DVD/Book, Best Traditionalist and l Lifetime Achievment Award. A jury nominates three finalists and the winner will be presented during the gala. The public can also suggest nominees on the website.

Winners in 2010 were New Tide Orquesta (Best Group), Sofia Karlsson (Best Artist), Maher & Sousou Cissoko (Best Newcomer), Nordic (Best Collaboration), Selam (Best Concert Organizer), Esbjörn Hazelius/Passion (Best CD/Best Book), Lena Willemark (Best Traditionalist) and Izzy Young (Lifetime Achievment Award).

Winners in 2011: Nordic (best group), Haci Tekbilek (Best Artist), Punsch (Best Newcomer), Ale Moller (Best Collaboration), Urkult (Best Concert Organizer), Det Stora Uppdraget/Anno 2010 (Best Book/CD), Susanne Rosenberg (Best Traditionalist) and Märta Ramsten (Lifetime Achievement Award). Susanne Lind was awarded the special Future Prize for best artist for children and youth.

Winners in 2012: Hazelius & Hedin (best group), Miriam Aïda (Best Artist), Stormsteg (Best Newcomer), Västanå teater (Best Collaboration), Malmö Folk (Best Concert Organizer), Siri Karlsson (Best Book/CD),  Björn Ståbi (Best Traditionalist) and Ahmadu Jah (Lifetime Achievement Award). Sten Källman was awarded the special Future Prize for best artist for children and youth.

Winners in 2013: Jul i Folkton (best group), Emilia Amper (Best Artist), Kolonien (Best Newcomer), RESiDANS (Best Collaboration), Nordic Romani Festival (Best Concert Organizer), Karima Nayt (Best Book/CD), Ralf Novak Rosengren (Best Traditionalist) and Bert Persson (Lifetime Achievement Award).

Winners in 2014: Ellika Solo Rafael (best group), Sofia Jannok (Best Artist), Kolonien (Best Newcomer), Ethno (Best Collaboration), Planeta (Best Concert Organizer), Rydvall-Mjelva (Best Book/CD), Nadin Al Khalidi (Best Traditionalist) and Ole Hjorth (Lifetime Achievement Award).

Winners in 2015: Livet Nord (Best Artist), Sallyswag (Best Newcomer), Symphonic Stomp of Sweden (Best Collaboration), Väsen (Best Group), The Nordan Suite (Best Book/CD), Kjell-Erik Eriksson (Best Traditionalist), Eiwor Kjellberg (Best Children & Youth) and Folk musicians against racism (Lifetime Achievment Award)

Winners in 2016: Sofie Livebrant (Best Record), Gränslandet (Best Collaboration), Jan-Olof Andersson (Best Traditionalist), Symbio (Best Newcomer), Magnus Stinnerbom (Best Composer, a new award sponsored by STIM), Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall (Best Group), Bridget Marsden (Best Artist), Mix Musik (Best Concert Organizer) and Merit Hemmingson (Lifetime Achievment Award)

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